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How to Style a Graphic T-Shirt


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The T-shirt is a crucial component of every outfit and deserves much more attention than it usually gets. One should know how to style graphic tees. However, when it comes to boutique graphic t-shirts, many people worry that the flashy graphics will make them appear like their preteen selves.

 The truth is that there are a lot of fun ways to experiment with graphic designs that will spice up your wardrobe. Tees with graphics don't have to be bright and loud to make a statement. 

Some include understated designs that complement other pieces in an ensemble beautifully. Here are a few tips on styling your graphic t-shirts like a pro.

Tips On How To Style Graphic Tees

1- Spruce It Up A Bit with Layers

A graphic t-shirt may be too informal to wear to a formal event like a wedding. Yet, for more casual occasions or a night out, you can dress up a graphic shirt by pairing it with a jacket. Use a combination of colors and textures to create depth and layer. You may get various looks depending on what you put over a graphic shirt.

Whether you're going for a throwback '90s look or a more laid-back autumn look, a graphic shirt is always at home beneath a thick cardigan. A graphic T-shirt layered under a leather jacket and paired with trousers is an additional timeless throwback outfit.

2- Create a Denim Outfit

Whether you're just wearing skinny jeans or want to add a denim jacket for a rock 'n' roll feel, a graphic shirt with denim is a safe pick for a casual ensemble. Denim on denim with a graphic shirt is a great way to get a laid-back yet daring style.

3- Do Not Be Afraid To Size Up

You can do much more than a baggy style when wearing an enormous T-shirt. You may also try the edgy grunge-revival look by pairing your oversized graphic tee with loose-fitting denim. Wear it with white shoes and tube socks, some cycling shorts or leggings, and you have yourself an exercise-chic ensemble.

4- Pair with Skirts for a Chic Look

Your boutique graphic shirts may have a wide range of effects on the viewer, depending on the skirt style you pair them with. In order to update a more traditional business outfit, tuck the shirt into a midi skirt, such as a pencil skirt, that is acceptable for the workplace.

You can get a similar effect by showcasing the design on your lower half by tucking your top into a flowing patterned maxi skirt.

5- Make Statement with Logo Shirts

Designers at the highest levels of the fashion industry have begun using the humble t-shirt, a mainstay of your favorite streetwear, to showcase historical symbols and logos in an oversized, eye-catching font. Skip the boring type and go for something like the Beatles of Gucci logo tee.

Keep the rest of your outfit simple and clean to allow the logo to do the talking, or layer it beneath a sharp jacket for an instant smart casual makeover.

6- T-Shirts & Trousers: Match Made in Fashion Heaven

A graphic t-shirt paired with stylish flared trousers or bottoms for women is the go-to outfit for casual days. You can pair any of the shirts from your summer wardrobe with basic bottoms. Simply tuck into your go-to pair of flared bottoms. Feel free to switch things up by wearing this look with your favorite pair of jeans or shorts.

7- Opt for Simple Accessories

A graphic tee will act as the focal point of your outfit. The rest of your outfit, including your bottoms and accessories, should enhance rather than compete with the shirt. Consequently, if you wear a bold graphic tee, go for understated accessories.

Because graphic shirts are such a striking component of an outfit, they ask for a little embellishment. You only need simple accessories, like a belt, watch, activity tracker, and maybe a pair of sunglasses. Check out a fashion jewelry boutique online to find the perfect accessories for your graphic tees.  

8- Choose the Right Shoes

The next step in putting together an outfit with a graphic tee is choosing the shoes to go with your look. Comfortable, casual footwear is the goal. So, you can try wearing a graphic shirt with a pair of plain sneakers.

It is a great casual outfit. Sneakers with a flat sole, a low top, or a slip-on design work well with graphic t-shirt ensembles. Consider wearing cuffed jeans as they are a great way to show off your sneakers, whether they're low tops or high tops.

On the other hand, dressier shoes or boots will help you seem more "polished." Leather lace-up boots and Chelsea boots are our go-to footwear for pairing with graphic shirts.

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These are our top eight tips for creating striking looks with graphic tees. High-quality graphic tees are available for you. You can browse through the wide selection of boutique graphic tees and pick the perfect neckline, color, and cut for you. The patterns are one-of-a-kind and perfect for showcasing individual taste.

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