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A Guide to Wearing Bottoms: 7 Tips to Create Amazing Looks with Bell Bottoms

bell bottom outfit ideas

Statements in fashion come and go, and with each new cycle of trends, individuals often remake classic styles in more refined ways. In the realm of retro fashion, bell bottoms have made a comeback. Here are some awesome bell bottom outfit ideas that will give you a contemporary look.

If you are one of the gals that typically get out of bed and head out the door without giving much thought to what you'll wear, this trend is for you. Flare pants are perfect for an effortless, trendy appearance since they can be worn with almost everything from simple t-shirts to an untucked top first thing in the morning.

However, considering that the bell bottoms date back to the 70s, there are some dos and don'ts of wearing bell bottoms to create a contemporary look. If you favor bell bottom pants as much as we do, consider the following suggestions for taking your look to the next level.    

Bell Bottom Outfit Ideas

1- Create a Chic Hippie Look with Loose Shirts

Given the current popularity of the hippie bohemian style, bell bottom pants can be worn with a thin, loosely fitting button-down top. There are many boho boutique tops for women. For a truly bohemian look, try wearing a loose shirt that is partially tucked in and unbuttoned. You can add a bandana and some bracelets. Complete the look with a bohemian hairstyle!

2- Pair Bell Bottom Jeans with Tube Tops

Pairing bell bottom jeans with tube tops is the safest yet classiest choice. If you are new to bell bottoms, we recommend starting with a classic tube top to create a vintage design. Wearing dark-hued bell bottoms with light and patterned tube tops is a timeless way to appear chic. It is advisable to check out a bell bottom jeans boutique to stock bell bottom jeans for the best pairing.

3- Graphic Shirts Bang with White Bell Bottoms!

We can all agree that white bell-bottom pants are a lot of fun and a refreshing throwback to the groovy 1970s. You are in luck if you have a graphic shirt or tank top in your closet. To complete the look, wear a long, lightweight cardigan or a denim jacket for a splash of color.

4- Complete the Wild-Wild-West Look with Leather Items

You may get this "cowgirl" look by pairing a velvet or leather jacket with a contrasting scarf and bell bottoms. It's essential to incorporate some leather into your ensemble, whether it's a leather belt, shoes, jacket, or hat. Add to the western cowgirl feel by tying a ragged scarf over your neck. Remember, do not over-accessorize the look. Instead, minimize to emphasize rustic charm.  

5- Complete Your Statement Look with the Right Shoes

Before you start looking for the perfect shoes, make sure your bell bottom jeans fit properly and aren't excessively long or short. Have them tailored to ensure they fit correctly, giving your shoes a chance to shine.

Nothing goes better with wide-leg jeans than a pair of platform peep-toes. Opt for chunky sandals or espadrilles with a high wedge during the warmer months. On the other hand, you can create modish looks with boots or mules in the cooler months.  

High heels and bell bottom jeans are also a fashion match made in heaven. If you're looking for fresh ways to style your bell-bottom jeans, try pairing them with a pair of classic stilettos. Bell bottoms may be worn with a basic t-shirt or a formal shirt, a jacket slung over the shoulders, and a pair of stilettos to match. You'll appear gorgeous while still being well-prepared for professional engagements.

6- Rock Bell Bottoms at Formal Events

Do you want to impress at your next formal event? Try pairing a bold yet basic pair of bell bottoms with a chic sweater, blouse, or dress shirt. You will find plenty of choices at a bell bottom jeans boutique. You can go for a contrasted look or a white-on-white aesthetic. Put on a touch of bold, vintage jewelry, and you'll be good to go! This outfit is perfect if you're going to the office and want to seem professional.

7- Wear High-Neck & Flared Pants

The hi-neck style is widely popular because it works like a charm every time without requiring much effort on your part. This ensemble is versatile enough to wear to the office or out for coffee with friends and yet looks amazing in both settings.

Simply stock up on various hi-necks in various sizes, colors, and styles from a reputable brand to pair with sets of bell-bottom pants. You may dress it up or down by wearing sneakers, ankle boots, or closed-toe heels with the ensemble.

Bottom Line: Bell Bottoms Are Here to Stay!

It's true that while we love new and innovative styles, we also can't seem to get over those retro bell bottoms. The bell bottom trend is here to stay. So, even if you prefer skinny jeans, it's a good idea to mix things up a bit and have a little more fun with what you wear every day.

Now that you know some stylish ways to wear bell bottom jeans, you can put together amazing looks anytime. If you are looking for edgy bell bottom jeans or beautiful tops to pair with your flare pants, M&A Clothing is the best option.

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